Manage Automatic Payments Now, in One Convenient Place

Enter billing information just once and easily manage all your monthly subscriptions. Correcting your billing info for subscriptions one-by-one is time consuming. With Monekto, you can update all of your subscription info at once, giving you total control of all your subscriptions from one, convenient hub. It’s time to make expiration date notices, well, expire.

Send Person-to-Person Payments in Real-time

With just the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number, you can transfer money almost anywhere around the globe with Monekto. Recipients receive their money securely and payment happens in real-time. Pay other Monekto users with money you have in your own Monekto account, your mobile money wallet, or link your bank account. Monekto gives users a variety of options to make person-to-person payments fast and easy.