Use Monekto and Skip to the Front of the Line

A Convenient Way To Pay On The Go

A Safer Way To Pay Online

At checkout, Monekto is all about ease of use and and convenience. Our goal is to make your life easier and our mobile wallet app works at the store the same way it works online – using Monekto is fast and easy so you can get what you need and go.

Unlike paying with a physical card, using Monekto helps users complete purchases in seconds with your smartphone. From your plumber, to the pizza delivery man to your mechanic, you can pay anyone, anytime without having to worry about withdrawing cash in advance.

Peace of mind is important, especially when you shop online. With your Monekto account, you can now pay for your online purchases wherever you see the Monekto logo. With Monekto, you never have to worry about entering card numbers or sensitive financial information to make online payments. Simply enter your email address or Monekto ID and password and you can securely check out anywhere, anytime without slowing down.